Here in the Ozarks, winter means sledding in the snow, drinking hot chocolate by the fire, and cleaning up a flooded mess after your pipes burst. Sounds good, right? No, I didn’t think so.

Every winter, our plumbing technicians repair pipes that have frozen and burst.
Cracks in the pipes may be small, but water pressure pushes a lot of water through them! That can cause thousands and thousands of gallons of water to leak from the piping and into your home or business. Then, you are left not only paying for our plumbers to repair your plumbing, but also for a restoration team to rip up wet flooring and dry out your walls. That’s certainly not a good scenario!

We know we will be going to many jobs like this in the coming weeks, but here are some tips to help prevent disaster from striking at your house or business. 

– Open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to the plumbing inside.
– Let the faucet drip slightly, so water is moving through the pipes and preventing freezing.
– Avoid exposing piping in a place in your home that gets a draft of cold air, like an attic.
-Seal off areas where air can travel from one point to another in a confined space where you have water piping. Check these areas regularly, as animals can sometimes create holes and expose piping. 
– Insulating piping is a good idea, but insulation on pipes that are exposed to cold air will not prevent freezing.

We suggest regular checks for these issues during the winter months. Most of the prevention can be done by you, but we are always ready and willing to help with preventative maintenance at your home.

Stay warm this winter, and make sure your plumbing does, too!

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