As we all know, nothing can ruin a perfect Saturday like septic issues. It happened to me just a couple weeks ago. I’ll give you the short story. There I was just mowing the yard minding my own business and I start to notice this odor, but not just any odor the distinct odor of sewage. As I made a pass by the septic tank I noticed water bubbling out of the tank. Of course I grab a shovel and start digging. Then all of a sudden it hits me, I have never cleaned the filter on my septic tank. I tell multiple people per week to clean their septic filters to help alleviate their septic issues but for some reason I never think to clean my own.

Most modern septic tanks are required to have a filter on the outlet side of the septic tank. Most counties will require this and they need to be cleaned at least once every six months to help your septic system function as it should. The purpose of the filter is to stop solids, (I know, it’s gross) from entering your septic lateral field, or the portion of the system that lets liquid back into the earth. A few warning signs that your septic filter is starting to clog could be gurgling drains or maybe a poor flushing toilet. Cleaning the filter is simple, just twist the filter to remove it from the baffle tee and spray it off with a garden hose. Re-install and you are good to go. Just a little routine maintenance to help your septic system to function for years to come.

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