If you’ve ever come home to find your home or basement flooded with water, you know a feeling of frustration unlike any other. It is the feeling of your heart drowning in a lake of would-be bath water sloshing on your new carpet. What if I told you that situation could have been completely avoided? Have I got your attention? Thought so.

Introducing: Flo by Moen. It’s a smart water security system and your new best friend. Flo monitors your water supply system 24/7, protecting your precious home and belongings from water damage and leaks. Flo is so smart that it senses leaks, appliance failures, or even weather-related problems.

Oh, and did I mention, you can control Flo from your smartphone or tablet? All you need is a strong wi-fi connection in your home and Flo will be online. You don’t even have to be home to connect to Flo and see exactly what it’s seeing. You can monitor, control, and conserve water in your home from afar. Flo will even give you a holler if something doesn’t look right with your water supply. Dripping faucet? Flo will alert you. Forgotten sprinklers and running toilets? Flo knows and it is on it. Broken and gushing pipe? Flo will shut off the water and tell you it’s taken care of.

At Kimberling City Plumbing, we have installed many Flo by Moen smart water security systems. It’s especially popular for lake homes or part-time vacation homes or condos. It has been giving our customers the peace-of-mind that only comes with knowing Flo is fending off water problems around-the-clock.

You can get that same peace-of-mind, too. Starting at less than $1,000 installed, our qualified plumbing technicians can get your Flo by Moen system up and running. Plus, right now, there is a special deal going on (who doesn’t love a good deal?). Stop by our showroom at 216 State Highway DD in Branson West and grab a rebate form to save up to $75. Get on our schedule and we will have Flo manning your water supply ASAP.