Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I have hot water?

Whether gas or electric, tank-type or tank-less, your water heater is a mechanical device which requires regular maintenance. There are many parts and components that can fail. You may need a new element, thermostat, or other parts or service.

My toilet is gurgling when I flush. Is that a problem?

Gurgling or water level fluctuation is often a sign of a clog in the main line or a vent.

What’s the best thing to help with hard water?

A water softener is the best. The new water softener conditioners are extremely reliable and use much less salt than older models.

How can I lower my energy costs?

There are many new products available that can lower your energy consumption: tank-less water heaters, low-flow faucets, water-saving toilets…just to name a few!

Why is my water smelly?

Some water has a sulfur or “rotten egg” smell when it comes from your water source. Other odors can come from your anode rod in your water heater. Regular flushing of your water heater sometimes works, however the anode rod may need to be replaced to eliminate the odor. Persistent sulfur odors may need to be treated with a sulfur removal system.

Do they make a taller toilet that’s easier to use?

Yes. These are called comfort height toilets. We can get them for you and install them.

Can I get a direct gas line to my outdoor grill or kitchen?

If you already have a propane tank, we can run a gas line to your outdoor kitchen or grill.

Can I add floor heat to an already existing floor?

No one likes a cold floor. In most cases, we can fix that by adding radiant tubing under the existing floor. However, sometimes accessing the area under the floor can be a problem. Call us and we can check it out.

My septic tank is getting old. Should I have it pumped?

If you are not experiencing problems, most septic tanks do not need to be pumped.

Should I add chemicals to my septic tank to keep it working properly?

Multiple studies have shown no benefits from adding chemicals to your septic tank.

I don’t like my faucet anymore. Is it a big deal to update?

Changing a faucet or fixture can really add value to and modernize your kitchen or bathroom. We’ve got all kinds to chose from. Look around in our virtual showroom or stop by to pick one out. Our service techs will be glad to come by and install it. It’s often quicker and less of a hassle than you might think.